Plan to sell your company some day? Or maybe transition to a family member? Even if you want to continue to operate your company for years to come but want more freedom, our growth advisory services are what you need.

We can help you:

  • Create freedom from your company’s day-to-day operations
  • Ensure your company is ready to be sold at its healthiest and highest valuation

  • Prepare your business to be handed-off to the next generation

Using a statistically-proven set of online videos, interactive coaching, and financial tools our growth advisory services put your business in serious growth mode. In fact, those who have used our system have increased their value by as much as 71%. So, in other words, our approach works.

Designed by John Warrillow, the author of the best-selling book Built to Sell, The Value Builder System™ levels the playing field for businesses of any size.

Once only available to large corporations, these tools are now available to businesses of all sizes through The Entrepreneur’s Accountant.

How it works

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We use insights from 27 years of advising large corporations. We also apply insights and data from over 55,000 companies to bring these proven strategies to you. This statistically proven methodology for increasing value measures your company’s current performance across eight dimensions to arrive at your Value Builder Score™. And that score is linked to your company’s valuation so you can see the opportunity.

Whether you plan to sell, transition to a family member, or continue to operate your company for years to come, our growth mode approach works. Want to raise investor capital? Create freedom from your company’s day-to-day operations? Prepare your business to be handed-off to the next generation? Or ensure your company is ready to be sold at its healthiest and highest valuation?

Whatever your growth goals, we have the solution. And it all starts by getting your personalized Value Builder Score in three easy steps:

It only takes 14 minutes to see where your company stands.
Plus you’ll get a complimentary Value Builder Score assessment (a $500 value)

How it’s priced

Our targeted growth advisory solution is offered based on a straight-forward menu basis. You can choose either the free starter package, a self-serve option, as part of a peer Mastermind group, or on an executive, one-on-one coaching basis.


  • Includes the following:
  • Annual Value Builder Score
  • 8 Drivers of Value video series
  • Monthly article on building company value

Self Serve

  • Everything in Starter, plus:
  • Weekly Built To Sell Radio podcast
  • Online access to The Value Builder System™
  • Quarterly webinar on building company value
  • Annual PREScore™

Group Coaching

  • Everything in Self Serve, plus:
  • Monthly Peer Mastermind meetings
  • 9 Subscription Models white paper
  • Copy of “Built to Sell”
  • Network with other business owners


  • Everything in Self Serve, plus:
  • 1-on-1 Monthly Coaching Sessions
  • 9 Subscription Models White Paper
  • Copy of “Built to Sell”
  • Full access to e-book library
  • 60 minute Strategic Tax Diagnostic

How to Learn More

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