How We Do It

We use a statistically-proven set of online videos, interactive coaching, and financial tools that have increased the value of companies by as much as 71%.  Once only available to large corporations, these tools are now available to businesses of all sizes through Vistium Growth Advisors, a Certified Value BuilderAdvisor

Designed by John Warrillow, the author of the best-selling book Built to Sell (named by Inc. and Fortune magazines among the top 10 business books for business owners), The Value Builder System™ levels the playing field for businesses of any size to implement the same growth insights and tools that have created the most successful companies in the world. 

Using the insights from our 27 years of advising large corporations as well as insights and data from over 55,000 companies, we bring these proven strategies to you. This statistically proven methodology for increasing value measures your company’s current performance across eight dimensions to arrive at your Value Builder Score™ which is linked to your company’s valuation.

Whether you plan to sell, transition to a family member, or continue to operate your company for years to come, The Value Builder System can help you raise investor capital, create freedom from your company’s day-to-day operations, prepare your business to be handed-off to the next generation, or ensure your company is ready to be sold at its healthiest and highest valuation.

Everything starts by getting your personalized Value Builder Score in three easy steps:

Solutions tailored to your situation

Our services are offered based on a straight-forward menu basis. You can choose either the free starter package, a self-serve option, as part of a peer Mastermind group, or on an executive, one-on-one coaching basis.

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