Who We Are

Vistium Growth Advisors are a strategy and innovation firm that identifies and implements new ways for business owners to make more money, reduce expenses, and create more valuable businesses. 

We help owners of all size businesses grow value by leveraging our experience working with large corporations, combined with transactional data from over 55,000 companies. Whether you want to sell for more money now or continue to run your company for years to come, businesses that use our statistically-proven tools have increased the value of their companies by as much as 71 percent.

“My passion is to serve entrepreneurs and business owners, because you truly are the engine of the economy. And, I’m an entrepreneur too. So, where you’re going and the challenges you’re facing, yep, been there and done that!”

Our Founder

Chip Schweiger, known as The Entrepreneur’s Accountant, is an award-winning author, business coach, podcast host, speaker and Certified Value Builder. As a former Big 4 and global accounting firm partner, he has successfully worked with and guided the largest companies in America in the areas of securing growth capital, financing new ventures, optimizing business operations, and in completing strategic transactions.

With articles featured in The Journal of Accountancy, The CPA Journal, Houston Business Journal, Denver Business Journal and at Medium.com, Chip has shared business acumen to a wide audience of business owners, founders, and entrepreneurs.

In an exciting move to focus on his true passion of helping entrepreneurs and business owners like you level up their businesses, he launched Vistium Growth Advisors LLC, and partnered with The Value Builder System™, to help you grow your company.

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